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We keep you doing what you love!

Are you a person with arthritis, osteoporosis, or balance difficulties? Are you preparing or recovering from surgery? Are you a recreational or elite athlete? Would you like to learn how to be proactive with injury or falls prevention? Are you looking to improve your posture? Are you looking to be free of pain?

At Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio our therapists will inspire you with an active approach to your treatment. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We believe in a holistic approach which includes hands-on therapy to find the root cause of your injury. Our longer treatment times allow us to better understand your concerns, assess injuries, optimize movement patterns, and develop individualized, goal-centered treatment plans.

Our relationship with clients is collaborative. The goal is to empower clients so that they can continue to thrive on their own. We connect your history with our findings to determine the underlying cause of your ailments. We communicate with other health professionals and provide mentorship within our team of expert therapists for greater outcomes. We connect with our community.

Whether your goals are related to work, gardening, running, driving a car, standing at social events, carrying groceries, or pushing it to your max at fitness class, we are here to support you in achieving them. Through education, collaboration, and individualized treatment plans, you can accomplish pain reduction and optimized movement patterns to reach your individual goals.

In our commitment to lifelong learning and professional development, we read innovative articles, listen to current podcasts, mentor one another with our unique niches, and practice evidence-based physiotherapy and kinesiology. Altogether we have over 30 years of University Education and over 35 years of clinical experience.