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Reduce Pain

We have all experienced some form of pain, which is a perception that we feel, indicating something is wrong. Pain presents in different sensations (i.e. dull, aching, sharp, burning, etc.) and can be felt in one localized area or spread throughout the body. In some cases, this sensation of pain is only a minor inconvenience, but often it is very debilitating and negatively impacts our physical and mental health.

Whether your pain is acute or chronic, there are several strategies for pain management which allow you to continue daily activities and maintain a high quality of life.

When it comes to treating your pain, we find the driver or the root cause of your pain which we believe is essential for a speedy and sustainable recovery. We treat the whole person and recognize that the true underlying cause may be coming from other regions of your body. Our treatment is focused on hands-on therapy and exercise programing to the area of the body that will create the greatest change in our patient’s movement strategies. This model empowers our patients to self monitor and self manage their treatment plans, training programs and life activities. Ultimately getting you back to doing all the things you love.

Active Balance Physiotherapy Pain Reduction