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Keep you doing what you love.

Are you holding back because of pain or loss of mobility? Are you worried about falling because you have lost confidence in your balance? What about canceling plans because of lost sleep?

The team at Active Balance Physiotherapy is dedicated to keep you doing all of the things that you love. Whether your goals are related to work, sports, or activities of daily living, we are here to support you in achieving them. Our expert therapists take the time to actively listen to your individual goals and needs, then work with you to agree on personalized treatment plans. Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio offers a multidisciplinary approach with physiotherapy, kinesiology, and exercise-based services that complement one another. Your practitioner will help you decide which services best suit your needs, or make recommendations for preventative medicine before your goals are compromised.

We are constantly continuing to expand our network of knowledge through courses, innovative research articles, and more. Rather than telling you what you can’t do, we focus on exercises and modifications that will help you continue your favourite activities for life! Our goal is to empower you with tools and resources which you can utilize to continue your treatment outside of the clinic. No two patients are the same and we are passionate about educating you about your individual case and tailoring treatment to your specific needs.

Take control over your barriers! Through education, teamwork, and evidence-based individualized treatment plans, our excellent team of practitioners can help you accomplish pain reduction and optimized movement patterns to reach your goals.

Active Balance Physiotherapy Keep You Doing What You Love