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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first session and treatment last one hour. Follow-up visits are 30 – 45 minutes depending on your preference and your therapist’s recommendation.

Definitely. Your first visit starts with your story about your injury, your activities, and your treatment goals. We then do a comprehensive physical assessment of your injury and scan of your body posture and habitual movements. We schedule enough time on your first visit that you will also receive some hands-on therapy and learn strategies and exercises to work on at home. As we get to know you and how your body works, it is important for us that there will be continual reassessment and treatment.

We recommend booking at least 2 follow-up appointments weekly after your initial assessment to ensure you can book your preferred times. If those follow-up sessions aren’t needed, we can always cancel them with a minimum of 24-hours notice.

You do not require a doctor’s referral for treatment at Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio.  Some extended health plans may require a physician referral so please check with your individual provider.

Although X-Rays and other Imaging provide a higher level of detail of your injury, it is not necessary to have an X-Ray taken prior to your appointment at Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio. Our therapists are trained to perform a detailed physical assessment and do not solely treat based on imaging results.

If you have already had an X-Ray or Imaging taken already:

Please inform us when booking your appointment of where and when the X-rays were taken. Our team will have you fill out a consent form to release medical records and do our best to obtain the images.

This depends on many factors. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan that will include education about the tools you can use to maintain your corrections and optimal postures, functional exercises to correct your muscle imbalances, and ergonomic advice for work, play, and sport.  

In general, we find that this typically takes 6-10 one-on-one sessions with your physiotherapist, but this highly depends on:

  • a presence of pain or discomfort

  • general body awareness and coordination levels

  • your ability to practice home exercises

  • general fitness level

Some people like to come in regularly to stay on top of injuries or postural imbalances for a monthly tune-up.

Physiotherapy and Acupuncture are covered by most extended medical benefits companies. Our patient care coordinators can work with you to help you take advantage of any benefits your insurance company may provide.

As our clinicians are all Registered Physiotherapists or Registered Acupuncturists, coverage is available depending on your personal plan.

You can pay privately using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit or e-transfer and we will issue a receipt that you can then independently submit for reimbursement.

As per our cancellation policy, if you need to reschedule or cancel your session we require 24 hours of advance notice. If you cancel or reschedule your session within 24 hours, you will be charged for the session.

We recommend that clients wear comfortable athletic clothing and shorts if we are treating a lower extremity injury.  Please be prepared to tie long hair up in a bun. 

During COVID-19, masks will be mandatory during all treatment sessions (for both you and your therapist). We request that you bring your own mask to your appointment. 

Yes!  There is street parking on First St., Second St, and Beacon Ave.  There is free 2-hour public parking under the Pier Hotel.  And there is pay parking across the street.

We have washrooms if you need to use them.

Yes, we treat clients that have been in Motor Vehicle Accidents and can bill directly to ICBC. ICBC covers 25 Physiotherapy sessions and 12 Acupuncture sessions within 12 weeks of your accident. 

We do not accept Worksafe cases.

YES! We are open for in-person appointments.

If you still prefer to stay home for your session, or if it’s more convenient for you travel-wise, we are continuing our virtual Physiotherapy sessions known as ‘Telehealth’

Before your appointment, you will be emailed a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. Please fill it out two hours before your appointment. This document is required before entering the clinic and is designed to assess your health and risk factors. We ask that you contact the clinic if you answer yes to these questions. If you have any other underlying respiratory conditions please contact us at 250.208.5942.

Please note that masks are required in the clinic for both you and your therapist.

Please see our short video outlining what you can expect for your first visit to the clinic. We are excited to welcome you into the clinic and are committed to your health and wellbeing.