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Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Whether you have recently had a diagnosis of Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease or Vestibular disorder or you want to age with confidence in your mobility, our balance training and fall prevention program is for you!  Our kinesiologists will provide you with specific balance exercises to challenge your vestibular system so that you can avoid falling and feel confident with your balance and walking.

Multiple studies have shown that resistance, proprioception, and balance training create efficiency in daily living tasks and enhance performance in sporting activities.  Balance is a trainable skill that helps you maintain coordination, reduce your reaction time, and prevent falls.  Our kinesiologist will work on a program that incorporates static stability, dynamic stability, changes in the bases of support, changes in your centre of gravity, and changing the surface you stand on.  Maintaining stability can provide better mobility, fewer injuries and improvement in coordination. Balance exercises are especially helpful for older adults with weaker muscles, as performing balance exercises regularly will not only strengthen muscles and provide joint support, it will also prevent injury by avoiding falls.

Our Kinesiologists will help you maintain your independence by retaining mobility through balance exercises.  Aiding in pain reduction leading to improved posture  and overall improved agility.